The Pros and Cons of Purchasing Re-manufactured Transmissions

You can go to any Power Transmission Distributors to have your transmission repaired. You can also get one to buy a brand new transmission or buy a re-manufactured one as well. There are many options on the market today, when it comes to this type of car repair and replacement.

However, when it comes to re-manufactured transmissions, you are going to have pros and cons. You can visit

ChallengePT for more information and read on below for some of the pros and cons as well.

Pros of Re-Manufactured Transmissions

Any professional at Challenge PT can tell you that the biggest advantage of buying a re-manufactured transmission is the price. In many cases, buying one that is re-manufactured can save you hundreds of dollars. If you are on a strict budget and need a transmission for your car fast, then this may very well be the right option for you. If you have limited knowledge when it comes to this type of stuff, please be sure to take your car or truck to a reputable mechanic first.

Unlike a new transmission, when you buy a used one, you can feel secure that all of the parts of the transmission have been replaced with the latest parts and fittings.

Many companies who offer these types of transmissions offer extended warranties as well, so if you have a problem, you can bring it back.

Cons of Re-Manufactured Transmissions

The biggest disadvantage of buying a used transmission is that the warranty on it will not be as long as the one on a new transmission. However, if you buy one from a reliable company, you should be fine.

One other disadvantage of buying a used transmission is you have no way of knowing if the unit has been totally tested. You want to make sure that the company you buy the transmission from has done proper testing, as there is no way to tell until the unit is in your car or truck.

It seems that the pros of buying a re-built transmission are far better than the cons are. You should weigh the pros and cons carefully, and then look at your budget before you make a decision. You want to take your time and choose the right company to get a re-built transmission from as well. You can visit for more information on any type of transmission parts today.